Together for the Saint Mary Emergency Children Hospital in Iasi

RMHC Romania started a new initiative: a fundraising campaign meant to support children undergoing treatment and to ensure their access to the most performant medical equipment. Thus, RMHC is dedicated to collecting all necessary funds – 40,000 EUR – to equip the Saint Mary Emergency Children Hospital in Iasi with medical equipment meant to monitor the little patients, as well as to diagnose them faster than before.

Moreover, RMHC Romania is being supported in its fundraising initiative through a special project: KILIMANJARO for the Saint Mary Emergency Children Hospital in Iasi. A project launched by Paul Drăgan, Managing Director of Premier Restaurants Romania, operator of McDonald’s Romania, KILIMANJARO marks the quest for new heights and objectives. Thus, while attempting to reach Africa’s highest mountain peak, the project also brings awareness to the fundraising campaign, supporting RMHC to gather donations for the purchase of the much-needed medical equipment.

With the help of this equipment that will monitor the patients and help identify nosocomial infections, an equipment introduced for the first time in a hospital in Romania, the children will benefit from a safer hospitalization from the first until the last day of treatment. For more than 33,000 children who arrive in severe condition at the hospital in Iasi, this equipment will provide relief and real support, allowing prevention of infections and contributing to a faster recovery.

At the same time, RMHC Romania aims to equip the hospital with a high-performance medical device dedicated to the ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) operating room. With its help, the medical team will be able to more easily diagnose the approximately 300-350 children who arrive in this hospital ward each year. Through this initiative, RMHC Romania continues its activity to support the pediatric hospitals in Romania and reaffirms its implication in offering hope and trust to little patients and their families through access to the highest medical care.

You can support the fundraising campaign through an online donation or by completing the sponsorship form and sending it back to us if you are representing a company. For more details, you can contact us at / 0733.337.449.

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